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Do You Know, What Its Like

When It Hurts, But Its Right?

27 September
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Hey all, I am a gay guy. I started this journal mainly so I could write about my life as a gay guy, my other journal is just regular life. Only a hand full of people know about who I really am, the friends that really care. I am NOT LEGAL YET - but if you don't tell I won't cause I like older guys. If thats a problem no sweat just don't add me. I like to try all sorts of new things but more importantly have love to have fun. I am the kinda guy who will go out there, I'm not afraid to look like a loser, but I won't look like a jackass.

This journal is friends only, meaning if you don't see your username at the bottom of this page then you can't read my journal until you do, it also means that you can only read it if you see your username and you are logged in.
DO NOT add me unless you update your journal, if you don't update yours but will leave comments on mine then you can add me. If I add you PLEASE comment on mine and I will try to do the same, you don't have to respond to every one. Just try to every few entries.